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In a difficult economic environment and to respond to a growing demand for comfortable housing with low energy consumption, Kaplo offers modular accommodation that allows the removal or addition of housing units on demand, while ensuring the highest quality of living standards.
Retirement homes
Because our seniors deserve spaces that are comfortable, easy to maintain and equipped with quality features. Whether for a permanent or temporary housing solution, the well-being of senior citizens remains a top priority.
Student accommodation
Very often students are accommodated in uncomfortable lodgings with exorbitant rent and expenses. Our students lack space and tranquillity, even though the quality of their living standards is essential for the success of their studies.
Manage the expansion of your business and welcome new employees in perfect conditions of comfort and work, or respond to a new contract requiring the temporary or permanent evolution of your company.
The Kaplo module is one of the products developed through our expertise. We are able to offer the medical, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors quality construction that respects your requirements and current standards. We also take care of the installation of the equipment.
It is perfectly legitimate to want to offer students and teachers the best working conditions. That's why we can accompany you with the creation of school areas that best fit the needs of your educational teams.
Like many homeowners, you dream of extra space, closer to the environment and nature. We offer a permanent or temporary solution, respecting the same guarantees as any other traditional construction.
If you are looking for a storage solution that meets the needs of your business, choose our ultra-flexible solutions that meet all standards of humidity, temperature, fire resistance and water infiltration.
Other applications
Do you need a modular construction suited to your needs, but you think your project is too complicated or too expensive? Kaplo modules can meet the temporary or permanent needs of all sectors.